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Why the name Mintaka? ... Ask us!

Hint: It's a Star in Orions Belt & All great pyramids of the earth, point to these 3 stars, -- One with Zen' in Japanese and much more..


We are a team of experienced professionals represented by an award winning firm that believes everyone deserves to have a dinner conversation worthy designed space. Our team of professionals not only take the time to understand your dreams and visions, we also have the resources and expertise to bring it to life. 

Whether your taste is modern, contemporary, traditional or transitional, we have the ability to assist you effectively. Regardless of your budget. Our team has incomparable creative abilities and experience which allows us to provide a seamless design process from concept to completion.

Kelsey Graham

"When your career is also your hobby & passion, 

you truly are never working a day in your life"

After Graduating High School, Kelsey went on to study Fine Arts at the Kwantlen Polytechnic University, Interior Decorating at The University of the Fraser Valley and Interior Design at the British Columbia Institute of Technology for both Residential & Commercial design. With extended educational knowledge in Architectural Science, Envelope Design, Building Codes,  Green, LEED & Living Building Challenge. All while completing Certificates in both Business and Psychology.  Totalling a decade of education within the field.

At the age of 17 , Kelsey worked with the reputable Polygon Homes in the role of a Sales Manager, assisting with decorating show homes and future phase designs. She later then decided to officially start her design business many years ago and was hired by Sub-Contract for two locally renowned Design-Build Construction Companies. She Worked right along side their design team, collaboratively assisting in their designs, that later received awards. Not long after, she claimed 4 awards of her own, 1 being internationally won.


In Kelseys' personal life, she has travelled to over 34 Countries, Solo. Focused exclusively on educating her obsession with Architecture, History and all aspects of worldly Designs. Seeing and experiencing the very buildings designed by her favourite great Architects & Designers both ancient and modern day , first hand. Piles of sketchbooks and over 40,000+ photos will be applied into her work today.


 In Kelseys (very rare) Spare time, She is also a Rescue Scuba Diver, Master Scuba Diver & Dive Master (Guide)- The underwater world of exclusively unique vibrant colour ways and texture pairings that you simply cannot find above water, which inspires her designs and allows for it to stand apart from others.


During the early years of her education, Kelsey Interned with Hawaiian renowned Interior Designer, Valorie Spence. Who ( in short )  is the past president of ASID ( American Society for Interior Designers ) and an extremely talented Multi-Award winning designer.  She is still to this day, Kelseys mentor, Hawaiian travel Roommate each year and Best Friend.  Kelsey is very well versed in tropical Interior Design and Decorating. 

For some, Interior Design and Architecture is just a pursued interest with minimal effort, but for Kelsey, this is a life long passion that she has always surrounded herself with since the early years of her childhood. Dedicating all of her time and focusing her efforts through education, Travel and hands-on work experience all to pursue her passion for a lifelong career in all aspects of Residential and Commercial Design.


"You are truly a natural born Designer with an artistic gift.
"You will move the world in this industry, Keep going and do not stop"
- Graduating Instructor & Program Head

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Now to everyone who makes this all possible!
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bi-lingual in punjabi & hindi


“ Design is a life long journey and it is never finished, everyone could use a little help with picking out those perfect greys"


“Every space should inspire you to live most at peace in your life”

bi-lingual in polish


"Design is about making people happy - Either functionally, aesthetically or emotionally."


bi-lingual in punjabi & hindi


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“Good Design Is what you can see, But Great Design Is Transparent”





"Design should speak from its time and place, but yearn for timelessness"


bi-lingual in spanish


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